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(TRUTH-1 3/8) It's like people want to thrill-feel or to feel the thrill of some guy [male or female] that is able to do something they feel they can't or won't be able to do themselves! Fasting just awakens you to yourself if you embrace the emptiness and freedom of the experience! But it basically just shows you what you already can do if you're eating or masturbating or any of those things! It frees you! Me personally I want to unite with the whole world toward peace, and live in peace daily and free, not compete with people or have people compete with me! Plautus, the roman playwright, used the best term for paradise or a heavenly state or experience! He described it as 'faint'', that is, losing consciousness/''or losing oneself in the moment''. In other words, being weak! It is being weak that is our true strength! Giving in to the experience! I let things happen naturally! I try and I don't try, which is wisdom! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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truth thrill guy male female feel fasting awakens embrace emptiness freedom basically shows eating masturbating frees personally unite world live peace daily free people compete plautus roman playwright term paradise heavenly state faint consciousness losing oneself moment words weak true strength giving experience happen naturally wisdom joshua aaron guillory

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