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(TRUTH-1 4/8) We, as I've stated before, would be able to abstain naturally if the love and atmosphere was full of peace and joy! or peace, respect, and joy! I'm forever free because I've done that which rewards people! I've given myself! I've revealed my thoughts but I'm also wise in knowing that we deserve to enjoy the resources! And gain power or control over the resources [which doesn't necessarily mean we own it, since earth is free] would guarantee us lifelong happiness with our true love and spirituality! We should be living like men and women in mansions and royalty and embracing the contentment or moderation as well as the excess of creation! I love that the guy in LAHWF admitted that being himself is a constant struggle! as did Bruce Lee! That is the true and honest answer of enlightenment! Being yourself is the highest goal or wisdom or truth and acceptance/or acceptance! Being at peace with being yourself/yourselves! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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stated abstain naturally atmosphere full respect joy rewards people revealed thoughts wise knowing deserve enjoy gain power control resources necessarily earth free guarantee lifelong happiness spirituality living men women mansions royalty embracing contentment moderation excess creation love guy lahwf admitted constant struggle bruce lee true honest answer enlightenment highest goal wisdom truth acceptance peace joshua aaron guillory

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