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Until death, there is the final full stop in men's action, seek forgiveness, continue reviving your soul, There is no full stop between Allah and his creations but always a new paragraph. Change your nonsense to sense, change your abnormal to normal, change to positive, Relationship with Allah is unmatched interesting to involved with, ask those who sincerely have repented know much than you, for their sober reflection are great. Striving with pious in good deeds, Indeed their are nurtured by Allah to be mountains, Shun sin like pus of your wound, Verily evildoers' reward a mountains of mirage.
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death final men action seek forgiveness continue reviving soul full stop creations paragraph nonsense sense abnormal normal change positive relationship unmatched interesting involved sincerely repented sober reflection great striving pious good deeds nurtured allah shun sin pus wound verily evildoers reward mountains mirage

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