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Until you start realizing how serious life is, the drama, the bitterness, the futility of your life will keep being the same! It's not only about you. This thing is real! Time shouldn't be wasted trying to knock someone down because your momma or daddy spoiled your behind. Grow up! Mature! Get serious with love and the mission for world peace. It's time the cowards and wicked players be exposed and change their behavior. It's sorry and it's nonsense and it's beneath where we should, could, and will be! Fate is fate but purpose is purpose, too! And our mission or purpose is to live in World peace. To live in a state of perfection. Wake up! and smell the love :) - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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start realizing drama bitterness futility life real wasted knock momma daddy spoiled grow mature time cowards wicked players exposed change behavior nonsense beneath fate mission purpose world peace live state perfection wake smell love joshua aaron guillory

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