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Verything Will Be Alright Everything will be alright, A sentence I didn't hear very often When you hear it, what does it make you feel? Is it a calmness that fulfills you? I want to know what that feels like I once had these words whispered to me But all I felt was vulnerability For the magnitude these words hold, They are only realized by self console Repeatedly saddened through the eyes of broken souls, My obsessive search for healing is apparent once more My lips know only how to speak of what you feel But it is in you that you'll find the key For cruelty is masked and trapped in the dark, Their only comfort is to tear you apart Lost within a maze of self hate, as a victim you can now relate It is in your undeserved pain that compassion was born, you are the change Guide the lost patiently, be the understanding they hunger for Beauty so pure, convert this into blessing Preach the misunderstanding that leads us to depression
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verything alright sentence hear calmness fulfills feels whispered felt vulnerability magnitude words hold realized console repeatedly saddened eyes broken souls obsessive search healing apparent lips speak feel find key cruelty masked trapped dark comfort tear maze hate victim relate undeserved pain compassion born change guide lost patiently understanding hunger beauty pure convert blessing preach misunderstanding leads depression

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