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Was the behavior of the Turpin family towards their children beautiful & strong behavior? To sick minds it is! Some people love to see evil & ignore the evil that happens to people! & idiots seem to only know how to superficialize the word acceptance in a unrelative way! Just because all things work together for the good of creation doesn't mean in every single level & in every way things that happen are good, beautiful/right! What they did to their children, the Turpins, is beautiful in exposing the evil they did & that we as society/people ignore! We ought to be ashamed of ourselves for not having pity! & Christians are told in their own book to bear the burdens of others, & of course their own! & to grieve in the Greek translations with others is apart of it! We should sympathize with people who are suffering innocently & also expose the evil way of others! If your ways are ugly, they're ugly! You are your ways! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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turpin family strong behavior sick minds love idiots superficialize word acceptance unrelative work creation single level happen good children turpins beautiful exposing society ignore ashamed pity christians told book bear burdens grieve greek translations sympathize people suffering innocently expose evil ugly ways joshua aaron guillory

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