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We are not to be damagers of resources we can't pay for, for the Mosque facilities are for Muslims collectively referred to as collective resources. We are bound by laws and Command of Scriptures (Qur'an and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) ) not to be a destroyer. And it is not normal but abnormal to be a destroyer. We are not merely human being but believers, best among creatures, nations, verily, those who command good and what is right. And we seek of blessing not wrath upon ourselves in joy, then while destroying collective resources, facilities? It is not about complaining but to be careful with everything around us. Allah should change the heart of destroyers to good. Not His wrath to be upon them. Amin
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damagers pay mosque muslims collectively referred bound laws scriptures qur hadith prophet muhammad pbuh normal abnormal destroyer human believers creatures nations verily command seek blessing joy destroying collective resources facilities complaining careful allah change heart destroyers good wrath amin

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