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We can act nice on the outside, speak all the right words, dress the part, know hundreds of Bible verses, tell others about Him, jump up and down shouting about how we love Jesus...BUT... if we tear each other down every chance we get, demean the person we claim to love by humiliating them in public or in private, tell others you will do a task or job but never follow through, talk about other Pastors just because they do things a bit different yet they preach Jesus is the only way just like us, manipulate others into our way of thinking by planting seeds of discord every chance we get....don't bother to think we are ever going to be an effective Christian...Live like Jesus...Love like Jesus..He would do none of the above.
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act nice speak words dress part hundreds bible verses jump shouting tear demean person claim humiliating public private task job follow talk pastors bit preach manipulate thinking planting seeds discord chance bother effective christian live love jesus

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