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We don't really know what's good or bad. And when I reference ''we'', I mean you all with respect to me and reverence to you all as being apart of me, or vice versa! I already told you all that Francis Bacon, one of the most prestigious wits of all time, notable for his morality and ethics and knowledge of law, married a 14-year-old girl, or young woman! Or as one author would say, ''nymphet.'' I believe that a mother licking her baby's behind to clean his asshole or butthole, or even his pee-pee or tee-tee, or penis, may be ethical! depending on the intention. We see other animals do this kind of behavior. And even for some soothing quality for the baby, the mother licking those parts could also be considered ethical! It's our philosophy of religion and tradition which disdains and degrades the laws and people or creation of nature. Matter of fact, some mothers are probably already doing this, or will be doing this after I submit this quote or poem. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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