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We have to be realistic in terms of people still eating meat and people becoming vegan and neither one trying to judge the other for their lives. At least when we can find a solution to preserve the animals and clone or create meat for those who feel they have to eat meat, which at that time financial reasons will not exist. Or some time further on! And vegans will be able to live more easily in their lifestyle in terms of numbers. No person who desires to be vegan will have to worry about the knowledge, money or resources to make it possible! I've lived enough vegetarian, vegan, and omnivorous to know that you don't lose your enlightenment for eating meat. In someways you could actually evolve beyond people who are vegetarian or vegan, and vice versa. As long as your intention is good and to be and get to the truth, you will always discover and manifest the truth in someway, in some degree, somehow! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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realistic judge lives find solution preserve animals clone create feel eat financial reasons exist time vegans live easily lifestyle terms numbers person desires worry knowledge money resources lived omnivorous lose enlightenment eating meat someways evolve people vegetarian vegan vice versa long intention good discover manifest truth someway degree joshua aaron guillory

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