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We have to understand that the concept of demons & hell & their tormenting human beings can apply to our lives now! There are people who try to keep you in their prison/bondage by tormenting or trying to torment you! The way to free yourself from someone else's hell/torment is to stop looking at them or what they do or allowing them to do the things they do! [to you, that is! or in relation to you] That should of course be used with discretion & judgment! For what sense does it make to ignore someone running at you with a knife & the intention to stab you? However with manipulative games as you see on the internet it's good to use strategies or wisdom to outwit the demons if they try to pull you into nonsense! Ignore their words or messages sometimes until you feel on high or heaven to always outwit or maneuver them! They will suffer their own torment or hell if you do this! Be wise! Be intelligent! Be you! And be protective and technological if or when you can! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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understand concept human beings apply lives people prison bondage tormenting free stop allowing relation discretion judgment sense running knife intention stab manipulative games internet good strategies wisdom demons pull nonsense ignore words messages feel high heaven outwit maneuver suffer torment hell wise intelligent protective technological joshua aaron guillory

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