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We met at a coffee place which seemed perfect, Both nervous but willing to try we found our way to connect, With beautiful eyes grey, blue like the ocean in the morning She made me feel again like no sudden warning, With white teeth and glossy lips, I remember she was wearing a dress that moved her hips, The smile is the best thing of all, the one thing that gave you goosebumps it would almost make me fall, It has been a while since I have taken a chance, But now that I started talking to you my heart began to dance, I never thought that I would write about another one, I always thought that I would just give up and be done, but what do you know I found the girl that seems fine, she has everything that I am looking for plus she's a nine.
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met coffee place perfect nervous connect beautiful eyes grey blue ocean morning feel sudden warning white teeth glossy lips remember wearing dress moved hips smile gave goosebumps fall chance started talking heart began dance write thought give girl fine

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