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We must go through all levels of enlightenment! I'm so glad I went back to eating meat on my journey of enlightenment, by natural means of course, because it helped me be free of the prison of thinking that I would lose some part of my spirituality by doing so. When I was living as a vegetarian, because I was dwelling in houses with people who were eating meat and fussing and things of that nature, I used to get so mad at them sometimes for not being what I thought was spiritually higher. And although my desire is to be full vegan, or at least some period of time if not all times, or something lighter than that, I am free to understand and take the good out of everything for the spiritual purpose of world peace. I'm able to relate and not judge people for eating meat and so on! I stopped being a consistent vegetarian a few years back. I used to hate or be disgusted at the thought of ever again eating meat! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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levels glad journey enlightenment natural means helped prison thinking lose part spirituality living dwelling houses fussing nature mad spiritually higher desire full vegan period time times lighter free understand good spiritual purpose world peace relate judge people stopped consistent vegetarian years hate disgusted thought eating meat joshua aaron guillory

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