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We need to start speaking with infinite understanding of the words and letters and prefixes, etc. we say! And start creating our own language according to the tongues of spirit, thought, feelings, cells or emotions. It's a powerful energy. I sound just as good if not better than Shakespeare at my best and worst, ha-ha! Years ago sometime during and after my initial or Great enlightenment, I start/ed figuring out the true creation and meaning of words that have been concealed from humans for ages through meditation. For instance the word ''re''. That word in English means ''back again'' or ''against.'' Re, Ray or Ra' the Egyptian Sun God, as the Sun in the sky, goes away every day and every morning comes ''back again.'' And he is face to face with the earth. or She is! ha-ha Raesha! he-he! When you are against someone in basketball or football you are face to face with them, or head to head! planet to star, spherical body! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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