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We who are enlightened must realize as Jesus in the gospel story that men will try to trap us into defeat, death or failure! And as Jesus, we must be wise enough and willing enough to counter, out-maneuver, or escape them! It's people who will try to set me up or counter me with something by making a comment on a quote or poem of mine and then trying to lead me to some content of theirs that's really stupid! Not the content necessarily but the wasteful entrapment! I see this employed by every race of people! But I see it largely with the Muslims who are largely Arab! I see it with the Whites, whether English, French, Australian, South African, etc. and also the Black Africans of the East whether they migrate to America or England or remain in those or that distant location of Africa! And also the Chinese and some of the so-called Oriental or Asian-type people's including not just the Chi-Chong/Ching Chong look but the East Indians or Ghandians, ha-ha! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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