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West act to sun indeed, west rise out to sun in stages, By their noon, strength to land but not seabed of heart, It whiter than others in girdle, no sight directly from fear of blind its rays of noon all states While living seek to orb like helper-deity to life in things, but ingrates to His God yet chanting bless upon itself yet it noon hurl away states by east, Africa, where looks, all bend to pliant plant of Asian tigers, Behold what comes, sun's cloth strips away to dusk For its noon to be drag to east of rest when dusk gives birth to crescent nations Behold, and know caliphate to cast dark till rest, It shall faint to dusk to a lantern loses oil in wick, Indeed, We Sujud to Allah who hold sovereignty of cosmos, While watches who seek forgiveness among creatures in behemoth, runt.
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act west rise stages strength land seabed heart whiter girdle sight fear blind rays living orb helper deity life ingrates god chanting bless hurl states africa bend pliant plant asian tigers sun cloth strips noon drag east birth crescent nations behold caliphate cast dark rest faint dusk lantern loses oil wick sujud allah hold sovereignty cosmos watches seek forgiveness creatures behemoth runt

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