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What are you gonna do now, searchquotes? Now that I've used innovation to cover the topic side of my laptop skillfully whenever I'm submitting a quote/poem on your page/pages, I don't have to see all the sarcastic nonsense! I had already thought of this but now have put it into effect or practice! ha-ha! We have to really understand or perceive this rightly, because PoemHunter disabled many of my poems that had the ''f-word'' if you will, and we must look or should look at it if we're totally honest as courage! it's a fear to not act sometimes to cover/prevent something from happening just as it is to keep looking at it/enduring it, whether/not one changes one's perspective about it which could be a falsification! & the same thing goes for the feed section, I've used my inventions! You all have to deal with your demons in the right way instead of being devilish when you don't like what people say! or people in general or specifically! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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