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What bad Charles Manson done in the Sharon Tate and LaBianca murders, though it was bad for them and their families, it was good for me in this: that it placed him in prison where he was able to express his views about life on camera, much of which was in harmony with my views and helped to strengthen and comfort me in some of my darkest hours when nobody else understood me. Namely, he spoke about freedom, individual freedom, and the preservation of life, nature or creation; the ignorance of religion and government or society. Their being trapped in the legal act. Legal puppets playing a delusional sense of importance, which he was right about. When I was a Christian, Charles Manson appeared to be crazy. When I became enlightened, he made all the sense in the world. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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sharon tate labianca murders bad families good prison express camera harmony views helped strengthen comfort darkest hours understood spoke individual freedom preservation life nature creation ignorance religion government society trapped act legal puppets playing delusional importance christian charles manson appeared crazy enlightened sense world joshua aaron guillory

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