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What do I think about Sharon Tate? in regards to human life &/or the murders? Well, her & all those who died, I think it's tragic! Her & them, & even the LaBianca murders included, is a heartfelt & serious story! In that thought/consciousness, them as human beings, as life, it's sad! It's horrible! it's terrifying, to say the least! Does that mean I'm sad/emotional about it? No, not necessarily! I'm not crying over it but it doesn't mean that I don't feel for them/can't feel for them! In that thought I do! And in that thought the crew of Charles Manson/those attached did some horrible/terrifying things! She deserves life & we all deserve life! But what it did show & help in this, is teach snobbish rich people [not saying she is or was one of them] to be more respectful and humble. And also it taught them to be on guard & protective against looney tune underworld mentality people who think everything is a game & don't use their energy constructively/more wisely. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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sharon tate died tragic labianca murders included heartfelt story consciousness human beings sad emotional necessarily crying feel thought crew charles manson attached horrible terrifying deserves deserve life show teach snobbish rich respectful humble taught guard protective looney tune underworld mentality people game energy constructively wisely joshua aaron guillory

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