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What does it mean to be a hypocrite in relation to love and hate? If a hypocrite can mean one who ''decides under'' and hate means ''to treat as an enemy'' and love, by default, means ''to treat, regard or like as a friend'' then in relation to living under the perfect state of World Peace, or our perfect highest self/selves, it would mean it is wise for you to treat people as an enemy at times because they prevent or hinder the state of World Peace, which is a consciousness! And physical or spiritual manifestation. The goal is to be up to or one with World Peace. Why would I befriend him or her who is trying to stop me from living in perfect peace? Only if I judge [decide] it to be necessary or reasonable for the goal of world peace! So I may love sometimes and hate sometimes, depending on the person, circumstance, and judgment. In this sense I am a hypocrite - at least some degree of my journied/journefied self. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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decides default means regard friend relation highest wise treat people enemy times prevent hinder state consciousness physical spiritual manifestation befriend stop living perfect judge decide reasonable goal world peace love hate depending person circumstance judgment sense hypocrite degree journied journefied joshua aaron guillory

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