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What If I told you that from now on I'm going to start putting people's exact names who I suspect are doing something malicious to me, or trying to! Would that make you change your evil behavior? Would that make you scared straight? ha-ha! For you all who think that life is a chess game, wouldn't I start checkmating everyone? by default? Law enforcement, acquaintances, those who are in contact with the people would be held accountable for doing nothing. One thing would lead to another! If I suspect someone has created a fake account of me on a dating site or anything of the like and I start listing people's name, which would include the people who stay by me, what would you do? If you're not involved, you could sleep like a baby! but if you are involved, your life would be a living hell! Or could be, ha-ha! IP addresses, VPNs, phone numbers and telephone conversations. All the activity that goes on would lead to other revelations than the initial one or ones. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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told putting exact names malicious change evil behavior scared straight chess game checkmating default law enforcement acquaintances contact held accountable suspect created fake account dating site start listing include people stay sleep baby involved life living hell addresses vpns phone numbers telephone conversations activity lead revelations initial joshua aaron guillory

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