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What if one fine day we all get up with TOTAL MEMORY LOSS! & we basically walk around countries with no religion, caste, Nationality....No Properties owned No Politicians.No Guns...& Above all no Money...i wish they had Graffiti competitions on the great China wall... Submarines converted into underwater Restaurants, Free MC donalds & KFC,s at every corner...convert Borders into Bridges..i wish like they had World War 1 & 2 they should strart with World Peace 1 too... .i Wish Every body Lives & let Live! A original arunesh chand mankotia ...freaky (wishiuote) which means wish in a quote..
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fine day total memory loss basically walk countries religion caste nationality properties owned politicians guns money graffiti competitions great china wall submarines converted underwater restaurants free donalds kfc corner convert borders bridges war strart world peace body lives live original arunesh chand mankotia freaky wishiuote means

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