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What lies head from the unknown tends to lead a heart astray loaded with problem deep within makes one wonder what deep beneath. As one who trys to hide the hidden past filled with sorrow, and so much pain. Strange as it may seem there are voices that are clear which seem to get near to uncover all those filty faults makes everyone wonder, why on earth there are so many just like me who build walls instead of a bridges to make it clear? As you hear sounds down those lonely halls there is an exit and a pass for those who venture all alone, as great as the mountains may be there is hope with a compass and a standard that can beat the heat apon those swift and dangerous feet, only to find more temptation great and small to confound the future full of stress and much regrets. Look with the heart and not with one eye as you began daily with a brand new start, that even though it seems you are not alone, there is another just like you that can quench the fires that lead that curious stubborn
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lies head unknown astray loaded problem deep beneath trys hide hidden filled sorrow pain strange voices uncover filty faults earth build walls bridges clear hear sounds lonely halls exit pass venture mountains hope compass standard beat heat apon swift dangerous feet find temptation great small confound future full stress regrets heart eye began daily brand start quench fires lead curious stubborn

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