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" What separates the Cowboy from any other type of man? It is not the style of his hat, nor a particular brand of boots. The Cowboy is aware in any situation, as there is always something new to be learned. He is aware that perfection is a work in progress..Yep. A cowboy places expectation upon himself, and only himself. He holds himself accountable for his own actions, and his own reactions. If he makes the mess, he cleans his mess. If he breaks it, he will fix it and then some. The cowboy is honest, and honest unto himself. The Cowboy is not all about the easy way, or the hard way.. He is about the right way, because it is the best way. He has learned this the hard way. His handshake means something more than formality.. Count on it. The Cowboys word means one thing. That one thing is - everything. He knows that he is only as good as his word.. Anything less is simply bullshit. If he points out something that pisses you off, there is good reason. He is open to reason, not an excuse.
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separates type man style hat brand boots situation aware perfection work progress yep places expectation holds accountable actions reactions cleans mess breaks fix honest cowboy easy learned hard handshake formality count cowboys means word simply bullshit points pisses good open reason excuse

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