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What you cherish the most might be what i hate the most.what seems new to me,might be odd to me. We all have our own centre of interest,we have our likes and dislikes,don't dislike anybody's interest,cuz life is all about choice and preference.when you start to dislike people's interest,hatred grows and once you start hating,you stop concentrating on yourself...when this happens there won't be room for you to plan your future. When you see something good appreciate it and don't hate.... For more inspirational quotes and write ups,follow me on ''INSTAGRAM'' @iamjikings,''TWITTER'' @Iamjikings,''FACEBOOK'' @anuoluwapo adeshina osundeyi
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cherish odd centre likes dislikes cuz life choice preference dislike people interest hatred grows start hating stop concentrating room plan future good hate inspirational quotes write ups follow instagram twitter iamjikings facebook anuoluwapo adeshina osundeyi

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