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Whatever/Anything that lifts up and/or supports is good! Whatever/Anything that hurts and/or knocks down is bad! If something lifts you up and knocks someone down that's good and bad! Good for you and bad for them! But if it lifts them up by knocking them down it's good for them! If it eventually knocks you down it's bad! And infinity! Everything is good and everything is bad to some degree! What knocks us down to lift us up is good! but also bad! What knocks others down to lift them up is likewise! Life itself is bullshit! And people help to make it that way! You are all bullshittist/bullshiters/bullshitters bullshitting yourselves and everyone! You practice the art of bullshitzu/bullshitsu! or bull & shit & sue! ha-ha! Personally I'm the smartest person/man in the world! I'm the wise man that thinks I'm wise and knows the world is a fool! ha-ha! but soon shall awaken their wise selves! or unto their wise selves. We're all wise & we're all fools to some degree! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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supports hurts lifts knocking eventually infinity good bad knocks lift life bullshit people bullshittist bullshiters bullshitters bullshitting practice art bullshitzu bullshitsu bull shit sue personally smartest person man thinks world fool awaken wise fools degree joshua aaron guillory

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