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When a mouse is on the run and the snake is chasing, the mouse has power. The power of choice! Because any choice taken by the mouse will be a determine factor to its fate. When a snake traps a mouse in a corner, the snake gains power and the mouse loses its power. At first it was up to the mouse on whether it wanted to live or not. This is until it made a bad choice and silly mistake of going towards the wrong direction. Now that the snake has gained power, it is up to the snake, on whether the mouse lives or dies. At this moment the snake thinks like a king that owns the world. On the other hand the mouse is as dark as the corner that it’s trapped in. Its thinking ability is as small as the space of the corner it’s trapped in. It only thinks of getting away but there is no chance to do so. So when it attempts to do so in fear it gets killed and dies a cowardly death. But if the mouse had realized that it had a fighting chance at least it would have died a honorable death, to die figh
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run chasing determine factor fate traps gains loses wanted live bad choice silly mistake wrong direction gained power lives moment snake king owns world hand dark thinking ability small space corner trapped thinks attempts fear killed dies cowardly mouse realized fighting chance died honorable death die figh

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