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When after celebrating the Glory of the Grace of God we find way too much self congratulatory glory taking by a person who seem to need "More Acclaim" than he actually deserve and if there is way too self referencing involved in one's Christian ministry, then that can be indisputable sign of one's failing to recognize his Bias and own Spiritual Blindness. Such a person can never be Right or Honest with God no matter what he claims. One will be tempted to be less than honest about what's really going on in his heart and ministry. In the light of above premise we have to understand that the underlying danger is if one is too caught up in searching his own will then he will never find the secret of discovering God's divine will. - Santosh Thankachan
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celebrating grace congratulatory glory acclaim deserve referencing involved christian indisputable sign failing recognize bias spiritual blindness person matter claims tempted honest heart ministry light premise understand underlying danger caught searching find secret discovering god divine santosh thankachan

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