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When am alone, my green armour I adhered, I do stride to ride with portion around to fit, when I see afar unique in signs Allah bestowed, I give trial to colours in nature, many say theft. petty my soul, my skin reflect things to a mirror, once, I mind not tongue of fools who be woe me changes, let me choosy carry your culture in colour and choose virtue, dismissed greed, evil, trick, clown ways, wilds. Pretend not oh! nation in develop, reject not rope, Peak in future through balance with nature, our beloved In quantity of chameleons pave your gloomy paradise with patience, run pick diverse to fit from revered, So, tell me not am hypocrite in affair of nature, Oh! my distinct to improve while adapt to time.
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green armour adhered stride ride portion afar unique signs allah bestowed give trial colours theft petty soul skin reflect mirror mind tongue fools woe choosy carry culture colour choose virtue dismissed greed evil trick clown ways wilds pretend nation develop reject rope peak future balance beloved quantity chameleons pave gloomy paradise patience run pick diverse fit revered hypocrite affair nature distinct improve adapt time

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