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When enemies grip my faith to threshold of pleasures, unveiled treasures, array of voluptuous bed and death, For believer's heart loves death to birds love their wings. I sought to be slit with finest in faith than brunt faith, All humankind adhered to root of faith in strive, Oh! tell your emperor what a darling death for deen, Never I alter my faith if possible samurai decry blade, Shrouded in tea for betrayer in culture if one wanton, Bring this long tongue to sway my head, So I drenched with red that scent to musk on that day, For won't cast my deen for the worldly deception ahead, Great honour to meet Allah, emprise passage of death. Verily, last long not suffering or froth pleasure, Forever not day or night even if one enjoy in palace of time.
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enemies grip threshold pleasures unveiled treasures array voluptuous bed believer heart loves birds love wings sought slit finest brunt humankind adhered root strive emperor darling alter faith samurai decry blade shrouded tea betrayer culture wanton bring tongue sway head drenched red scent musk cast deen worldly deception great honour meet allah emprise passage death verily long suffering froth pleasure day night enjoy palace time

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