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WHEN I AM DOWN At times, we do some waring, the waring within, No one knows, no one sees. A war so delicate not to be lost for it is a soul's destiny concern. A curtailing force to embrace, a destructive force to resist Only from whom the former exhumes can one be naked without been naked. We strive in battles daily, battles we do win and sometimes lose but at the end we stand in victory. In the wagging battles, we cry at His feet We, on His garment shed Only Him the invisible can see our tears Exhausting our strength in help-seeking and still we stand weak and strong. Lord help me! Yesterday is gone, here comes today, a groaning day with its ups and down per time. now the down I look as it comes now its fading smoke only I see. I win! For the moment Tracing my steps back to the cross I do, a task. These tears shall be in vain not Yesterday I couldn't stand Today I do. Standing strong because of the renewed strength as of eagle Man may leave you there God will not, and He did not! His
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times waring sees war delicate lost soul destiny concern curtailing embrace destructive force resist exhumes naked strive daily lose victory wagging battles cry feet garment shed invisible exhausting seeking weak lord groaning day ups time fading smoke win moment tracing steps cross task tears vain yesterday stand today standing strong renewed strength eagle man leave god

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