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When I see you, I don’t see just a pretty face, with a nice smile, and beautiful eyes. I see with my own imagination that I can not control, a small glimpse of Heaven. For your smile is like a wave made by the softest river opening up, from the reflection of a flap by an angel's wing . And your eyes, which doesn’t just blind me like the sun can, but somehow makes me feel the hand of the God himself, opening out his palm to me. For the extraordinary way that you do your hair everyday is not just like the horses’ smooth colored mane, that was ridden by Xavier himself, but reminds me of what mother nature has given us in this world, for how she made the impossible view, of the mountain ranges that's full of every single flower in the world, because that is what I see in your eyes. For not all just your beauty that fascinates me, but the way you do what you do, and the reasons of why you do it. It just drowns my knowledge of all life, and brings me to the stage act of being ashamed of myse
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don pretty face nice beautiful imagination control small glimpse heaven smile wave softest river reflection flap angel wing doesn blind sun feel hand god opening palm extraordinary hair everyday horses smooth colored mane ridden xavier reminds mother nature impossible view mountain ranges full single flower world eyes beauty fascinates reasons drowns knowledge life brings stage act ashamed myse

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Clark on January 11, 2016, 11:55 am
There is more than that.

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