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When it comes to leadership, what does every boss who has a superior know, or should know? That the deeds of his company, or employees, or personnel, affect him as a leader/his leadership! The deeds of the company or store or employees he's over [or with] he's held accountable of/for! He's in charge and if something goes wrong or is perceived to go wrong or have gone wrong his higher-up/ups will get on him! If searchquotes says, Joshua, we're not responsible for the topics, it matters not because you are! Whether it comes from the staff, members and or random people coming to the site, they're apart of you! Just as the customer is apart of the company, boss, employee, store or business! Joshua Aaron Guillory is in town and ain't nobody, White, Black, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, East Indian, Native American, Arab or whatever else there is, and yes, you too French/Frenchee, gonna stop him! I'm the most powerful man in the world! Get used to it! Peace! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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