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When misfortune set gravity to me somehow, Grip me starve even many eyes I sought shrugged, My sick rhythm heart to Allah, patience I know, How genius me but not lure men my deen in deed, World itself approaches me to mirror recites to adhere, Displaying if I were to moguls with feet that zoom, Displaying if I were in galleries of peak of state, My soul satisfied with what Allah bestowed in wisdom. But in these, am near detesting and I built a border, So I fall not a prey to world or collude with fend, Although mother, brother strength my faith in hunger, To Allah, I bow, who bestowed being Qur'an when desire to wind. Allah's mercy on me pure to bubbles in sea when tide, So I seek never to alter my faith in Lord of universe.
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misfortune set gravity grip starve eyes sought shrugged sick rhythm heart patience genius lure men deen deed approaches mirror recites adhere moguls feet zoom displaying galleries peak state soul satisfied wisdom detesting built border fall prey world collude fend mother brother strength hunger bow bestowed qur desire wind allah mercy pure bubbles sea tide seek alter faith lord universe

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