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When the Bible says love your enemies it never says how many times, when, what day, how or in what way! As far as the Bible is concerned the Lord says he chastiseth those whom he loves! Chastise, according to Google dictionary, means to rebuke or reprimand severely! Loving your enemies can be demonstrated in this way! And all Greek definitions of love or for love are all interconnected, interchangeable or interrelated! So the next time you say love you or be kind, you might not want to forget this verse and interpretation, which is a correct one! And every so-called enemy who truly is a friend in truth I have be kind in the generous or respectable manner at least one time or another! especially if I have encountered them and made direct contact with them on several occasions! And for those who say tranquility is a choice which I don't totally disagree with, how about I or someone else put fire on/in your body, would you still be at peace/tranquil? - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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times day bible concerned lord chastiseth loves chastise google dictionary means rebuke reprimand severely loving enemies demonstrated greek definitions interconnected interchangeable interrelated love forget verse interpretation correct called enemy friend truth kind generous respectable manner time encountered direct contact occasions tranquility choice totally disagree fire body peace tranquil joshua aaron guillory

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