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When we eat food we gotta realize that not only do our bellies or stomachs digest the food but our minds! Our cells! Our dna! Our souls! I can eat a cheeseburger three years later! & where is that cheeseburger? in my mind! Or some vegetables or air in my mind! as my mind! Our imagination is real! So when you say someone is lying reconsider or think again! Repent! ha-ha! Change your mind or question or open your mind! That's why we can taste things! It's stored within us! In all parts of the body to some degree! Even our feet will run to food or sex or knowledge or ourselves or others or whatever! Just like children! I have children in my mind & will eventually have some! We all have children to some degree, in our minds and manifested openly in nature! Some if not all of you to some degree are my children in knowledge! And my wives! Some men are my wives in the mission for world peace! They help me just as the women are my wives & some of the women my husbands! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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gotta realize bellies stomachs digest cells dna souls eat years cheeseburger vegetables air imagination real lying reconsider repent change question open taste stored parts body feet run food sex mind eventually minds manifested openly nature degree children knowledge men mission world peace wives women husbands joshua aaron guillory

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