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When you find truth and you know the way to happiness, which is being happy and accepting yourself, your courage, your wisdom, your enlightenment, your truth, and love, you don't need all the rubbish of mankind to take you to something higher! You already know it and would eventually come to find it anyway with or without their debates! You have enough experience with reasoning and life itself, you just have to learn to think sometimes! Why do you think in the gospel story/stories Jesus was always escaping the Pharisees or the religions men of his day!? including the Sadducees!? Because he seen their ways were futile! Their attempt to destroy not only him but his messages was a response to their fear of change/or of their fear of or to change! World peace is the message accept it! And searchquotes, watch your every move, because putting other people's quote/s on the front page to try to get to me ain't gonna stop a god-damn thang! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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