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Whenever u feel low n upset Whenever u feel sorry of yourself Whenever your friend make gossip of u Whenever they talk negative of u Whenever same questions r repeatedly asked Listen to your heart, remember the days of your sacrifices How can u forget the effort u made it? Think of your seniors who r still juniors Think of them who still struggling to get it Think of your parents, your big brother who inspires u so much Listen to them who mean to u n not to them who pulls out of u Enjoy your time period this period won't be back when u get into what u desire Always remember when u get a job....This guys will respect u Nevertheless GOD IS SEEING N LISTENING EVERYTHING--WAIT 4 HIM TO RESPOND
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upset feel friend gossip talk negative questions repeatedly asked heart days sacrifices forget effort seniors juniors struggling parents big brother inspires listen pulls enjoy time period desire remember job guys respect god listening wait respond

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