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White people's desperate attempt to deny and justify their egregious history and their damage to humanity only solidifies fact of history in which perspicacious intellectuals of the world has been awakened to but powerless against. White people fail to realize that no power last forever. No empire ever stood the test of time. And sooner or later both must fall; power and empire. The "reality" forged by them for the rest of the world won't stand forever and if they chose to, their generation will eventually pay for it. They have proven, to the depth of their core, that they menaced the very thing that has foerver held human kind together: Love and compassion.
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desperate attempt deny justify egregious damage humanity solidifies fact history perspicacious intellectuals awakened powerless white people fail realize stood test time sooner fall power empire reality forged rest world stand chose generation eventually pay proven depth core menaced foerver held human kind love compassion

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