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Who are you?ask yourself that question,have you discovered who you are?and what you really gat inside you....''NO'' you haven't!why?because you limiting yourself to a particular level or stage,everyone has his/her own talent or gift,but we not ready to reveal it,some even don't even know the step to take,self limitation kills ones dream,it makes you who you don't wanna be...some of us have a nice talent but ain't ready to train it...some can sing,dance,play an instrumental,or do somethings perfectly,but they feel discourage because or what their friends or family say..work on yourself...discover yourself...be who you really wanna be....don't abuse yourself....don't limit yourself....your talent or gift might be what the world needs to develop to the new age...... For more inspirational quotes and write ups,follow me on ''INSTAGRAM'' @iamjikings,''TWITTER'' @iam_jikings
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