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Who is the real harlot? It is a person who gives his or he heart to the desires of the world, flesh, personal greed instead of to the Lord. Many times, we think we are living a straight decent life but if our hearts are not connected to God, the gospel and life of Christ, if our hearts are not surrendered to the Lord we are deceiving ourselves instead we are harlots who are lustful to the things of the world, therefore we must examine to see if our hearts are like the mother’s heart or like the heart of a harlot! The flesh is designed and cursed to follow what is comfortable whenever the opportunity arises and the flesh seeks to make itself more comfortable and sadly this is how our souls are dragged to their death that’s why we end up with nothing concerning God, the flesh is always contrary to the Spirit of God, it is also important to note that we can be very religious or do a lot of religious activities yet contrary to the Spirit, doing Christian activities by our flesh is not Chri
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real person desires personal greed times living straight decent connected gospel life christ surrendered lord deceiving harlots lustful world examine hearts mother heart harlot designed cursed follow opportunity arises seeks comfortable sadly souls dragged death god important note lot religious contrary spirit christian activities flesh chri

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Eganritchie on July 5, 2017, 7:55 am
So we should give our heart not the the desires of the world that we live on, but to a deity which has never been proven to exist, which has let the world suffer and many of its population die. We should give in to this God, abandon our desires and the desires of the world and focus on Him?

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