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Whole nature bond as a body in form of duty, tear wings from bird if completed in function, ripple effect on a mountain depart its parties away, rip the fins of fish if guide, propel in faith of ocean, In downfall of love whole universe step in chaos that recycle, That sinful act be malleable molten iron to strike in form of tools, That Satan passes through breath is smite wind in wildfire, That all creatures trembled of its roar times in its red and black coats, That all fishes guide, propel from their fins, That all mountains, sea, land, join to be firm, That all bird faith in wings to flight in pleasures, That sky wears rainbow to show mankind to wear love in cerebrum, That the garden of all soul is love, Give the heart the best team in love.
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nature bond body duty tear completed function ripple effect mountain depart parties rip fish ocean downfall universe step chaos recycle sinful act malleable molten iron strike form tools satan passes breath smite wind wildfire creatures trembled roar times red black coats fishes guide propel fins mountains sea land join firm bird faith wings flight pleasures sky wears rainbow show mankind wear cerebrum garden soul give heart team love

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