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Why are you so heartless, why do you ignore me, why won't you talk to me, why do you break promises, why don't you care, why do I still cry over you, why do I even bother to care, why do I even love you, why do I keep checking my phone to see if you text me, why am I putting myself through this torchure, why is your heart so cold, why can't you just love me, why can't you trust me, why do I stay up all night and cry, why do I keep thinking of you, why do I dream you're laying next to me, why does my heart ache so much, why is this happening, why do I feel so sad, why can't I move forward, why do I consider you as my love, why don't you miss me, why do I even care, why can't I smile anymore, why don't I want to eat, why is it so easy for you to not see or talk to me, why am I not your love, why can't you see how much I love you, why aren't we together, why can't I make you happy, why can't you see what you're doing to me, why am I writing this, why can't I just let go, why am I not good
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heartless ignore break promises bother checking phone text putting torchure cold trust stay night cry thinking dream laying heart ache happening feel sad move care smile anymore eat easy talk love happy writing good

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