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Why do humans fall so hard in the emotion of love? It's because we honestly crave it. We crave it like we need water to survive. We love the feeling of love. We love the acts of love. We love the idea of being in love. A simple act of caring of another, we depend on. But, isn't it just as amazing to love yourself? Your unique face. No one in the world has a face like yours. Treasure it, it's your canvas, treat it with the utmost respect. Your beautiful body, is like your home, you live in it. Be comfortable in your own home. Your voice is the only kind of sound in the world, voice it out loud, shout it out so people can hear your extraordinary voice! Even your hair is the only color out there, the shape of your toes, even to the tip of your fingerprints. So do not ever think you are not special. You have to love yourself. All your unique traits. YOU are the only YOU ever. Love yourself.
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