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"Why is it so hard to see the past, and so hard to feel the future? We get stuck in the past, even though it's gone and past us. But yet, we're still here. We don't pay attention enough to the present. We stay in the past, or worry about the future. When all we need to do is realize we're fine, alive, healthy. When we stay in the past, we don't wanna move forward. When we worry about the future, we're too scared to go out and do it! And we keep forgetting about the present! Look around you, realize where you are! Realize why you've made it this far! Realize who you are! It's your PRESENT! That's why you're here, that's who you are! You're a present to the world! Your dreams can come true...If you would just realize..."-Austin Jordan
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hard feel stuck pay attention fine alive healthy stay wanna move worry future scared forgetting present world dreams true realize austin jordan

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