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Why is the society of America so messed up today? You have got the populars, the nerds/dorks, the geeks, the jocks, the losers, the socialites. We are put into these "classes" and by who? And we get judged by them by how we look by what we wear or how we act. Who cares if one person is not as popluar or cool as the next or if one person is a sports star and the other cant even pick up a ball. We ar...e all apart of the same society. The same world; we are forced to live together so why dont we just embrace who we are dont be afraid to let your voice be heard dont be afraid to go for that one chance. It dosnt matter what everyone else thinks it's YOU who matters not anyone else. If you fail at least you know, you wont spend your life regreting your decsion because you were to afraid. Why does that "Popular Girl" or that "Jock Star" have to make the others so afraid to take their chance. If we stand up for what we believe anything is possible. So next time anyone tries to knock you down
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america messed today populars nerds dorks geeks jocks losers socialites classes judged wear act cares popluar cool person sports pick ball society world forced live embrace voice heard dosnt matter thinks matters fail wont spend life regreting decsion popular girl jock star afraid chance stand time knock

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