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Will you just fu-cking cuddle? Will ya just f-ucking cuddle! Will you just gnikcuf cuddle? We're all attached! Embrace that! We're attached to air! We're attached to ourselves! we're attached to sleep! We're attached to life! We're attached to peace! We're attached to joy! We're attached to love! We're attached to thinking! Detachment is necessary and so it attachment! Embrace the bitch in you! Embrace the weakling in you! Embrace the attachment in you! The bitch is strength! The weakling is power! The attachment is love! Accept it! Embrace it! Face it! Love it! Hug it! Make love to it! I think sometimes women think more about sex than men! And I don't just mean in a negative light! but I think in general! They confuse cuddling with sex although cuddling is a form of sex and can be sex! Get in harmony with nature! Get in harmony with you! You people probably hate your guts off that I'm so intelligent and can counter [outwit] any of you anyday! any day! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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cking ucking gnikcuf cuddle air sleep life peace joy attached thinking detachment bitch strength weakling power attachment accept embrace face hug love women men negative light general confuse cuddling form sex nature harmony people hate guts intelligent counter outwit anyday day joshua aaron guillory

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