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With an entity able to surpass its own perception with the entire obscurity, escaping the tact of this reality, slowly grasping away at the sorrow that relieves the “confusion”.. With the landscape morphing as it grows, it continues to crawl through every glimpse of hope as its own dawning genesis, defies its sole dream. Almost as if the now “entity” hasn’t been perceived by anything, but it’s sole desire to confute the ever expanding “wisdom”, a biological pest we perceive as the dawn of time. Deceives its own sanity, the “sane” chimerical artistic piece that sort of statically interconnects space and time, into one sole “being”.
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surpass perception entire obscurity escaping tact reality slowly grasping sorrow relieves confusion landscape morphing grows continues crawl glimpse hope dawning genesis defies dream entity hasn perceived desire confute expanding wisdom biological pest perceive dawn deceives sanity sane chimerical artistic piece sort statically interconnects space time sole

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