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With your satiny hairs, You amble without a normal foot. But with a pristine look, Your big eyes shines luminously. Dear, Maybe people call you a handicap, I call those bullocks a madcap. Interestingly, what, I am a handicap mentally, here I reveal. Everyday I fight inside the close door when night falls. A few days ago your eyes have cried a lot, Let me clear here, you are a daring person. It gives me a reason to fight with his servants openly. You are a bizarre, I don't know you Monica Sharma. Though we did not shook our hands at all, But whenever these eyes squints you, A new story creates a History...
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satiny hairs amble normal foot pristine big shines luminously dear people call bullocks madcap interestingly handicap mentally reveal everyday close door night falls days cried lot clear daring person reason fight servants openly bizarre monica sharma shook hands eyes squints story creates history

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Kaur on September 20, 2016, 5:01 am
This is a poem dedicated to my friend in senior Monica Sharma. Its very weird we do not know each other but still can relate my past with you and your name itself was a blow to me. This write is not for sympathy but my respect towards you of what you are. Though you are not different but extraordinarily different in your swag. Kisi apne ki yaad dilati hain aap..

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