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Woe Them! Death Nor Be Superior To Defeat Report Death nor be superior in defeat, still most say you Ability and fearful, ruin to love in bud or mature, By palaces you cast, home wind to soft sand in hell too, oh! how runt is death, nor might you're all once expire, relax copy snore, you're adhered fate to all being in depict, delight, all man flow in path to you, Verily, you're exit mirror, men at peak summoned by timing away, to weak not limit, Convey their soul to Allah rest shape to bare bones powder, You weak, one luck, Moguls, forlorn men, trader, crafts, And one ill, warring, and creatures, unseen, all forth to tastes, Life shorter to grave, awake to report what faith, By this death slit, all being forever to reward by Lord after length, death a defeat to disbelievers in Allah, forever hell with pus, defeat to death for believers in Him, forever blissful rivers, Indeed, death a passage of defeat to depart to Allah.
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woe superior ability fearful ruin love bud mature palaces cast home wind soft sand runt expire relax copy snore adhered fate depict delight man flow path verily exit mirror peak summoned timing limit convey soul rest shape bare bones powder weak luck moguls forlorn men trader crafts ill warring creatures unseen tastes life shorter grave awake report faith slit reward lord length disbelievers hell pus believers blissful rivers death passage defeat depart allah

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